PellasX Pellet Burners
PellasX pellet tüzelésű égőfej
Gáz-, olaj- és szilárd tüzelésű kazántestekbe beépíthető égőfej
PellasX égőfej
PellasX a termékkategória piacvezető gyártója

Pellas X is an internationally recognized pellet burner brand that offers a low-cost solution for pellet burning in existing oil, gas or other boilers and furnaces. The full automatic devices (ignition, control, modulation) can be built in almost all existing boiler or furnace bodies in family houses, bakeries, halls, warehouses so to switch to biomass combustion.

Features of PellasX pellet burners:

  • Use of many types of pellets: agripellet, wood pellets, mixed pellets etc.
  • Automatic self-cleaning
  • Low electric consumption
  • 3 phase power modulation (30%, 50%, 100%)
  • Low emission
  • High efficiency
  • ISO certified
  • Efficient backfire protection
  • Quick to mount and to dismount
  • Automati ignition
  • Displays errors and system messages
  • Winter/summer mode
  • Backfire protecting valve at the fuel intake
  • Low noise operation
  • CH and DHW pumps control
  • Economical and optimized fuel consumption


PellasX pellettüzelésű égőfej
Költséghatékony megoldás a pellettüzelésű PellasX égőfejek kemencébe építése

Pellas X REVO newly developed rotary burners are so highly efficient self-cleaning devices that customers need to clean them just once in a while!

Pellas X REVO burners are very easy and quick to mount onto a boiler body, they can also be removed at any time.

Pellas X R.Control units are compatible with all oil and gas boilers’ control units.

Application areas of Pellas X pellet burners: family houses, schools, kindergartens, governmental buildings, factories, warehouses, plants, workshops, BAKERIES etc.

For bakeries we highly recommend to use Pellas X burners for their energy consumption is the most significant thus they can realize the highest savings and the quickest return.


Agri-Pellet Ltd. performs a complex, full-scale activity over biomass burning: The company was established in 2003 by 100% Hungarian stakeholders and has been successfully operating since then. During this decade our firm has sold and installed more than 200 automatic biomass boilers across the country and beyond our borders. Their total power exceeds 14.4 MW. Agri-Pellet Ltd. is an official, contracted importer and distributor partner of the Polish Metalowo Kotlarski SAS (SAS), the Italian Pasqualicchio boilers and of the Polish Pellas X burners. In addition to sales and installation of these boilers professional warranty and out of warranty repair services are provided by us with a countrywide coverage. More


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